Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have I the discipline ?

Obviously, I'm spurred to start my own blog by my dad's discipline to maintain one for a couple of years now. Despite his ever busy schedule running Al-Manar single handedly, dad, or "pakcik" his students fondly call him, still can find the time and space to jot out a few lines. His simple approach to writing may not receive any accolades from "purists" , but scorn his life's anecdotes at your peril !

So here I am. Trying out blogging. My intent is neither to gloat or showcase "ME", nor seeking public sympathy when "MY"  life's trials & tribulations gets a bit too much to supress. It's just a space to share the lessons I've picked up over the years from the "University of Life" so they say. Maybe of some benefit to you out there, or the very least  raise a chuckle or two ;) 

See you around!