Friday, September 17, 2010

Reflection - Merdeka 2009

Sharing my reflection of merdeka that appeared in dad's blog on1st September 2009.

“I would neither be too embarrassed nor too proud to proclaim that being a post-merdeka child, I lived my formative years in a peaceful , staggering economic growth and politically rock solid Malaysia under Tun Mahathir’s stewardship. Digesting babah’s absorbing account of Merdeka, I cannot help but feel humbled by the contrasting thoughts that ran through our minds when I was around babah’s age. Yours was of hope for the community, Tanah tumpah darah babah, whereas mine was of self interest and an individual pursuit of happiness. Half a century of merdeka , of stability and familiarity, certainly bred contempt to many post-merdeka children who were emotionally detached from the struggles of Malaysia’s independence forefathers, myself not excluded.

Over the years, eyes wide open to the journey of this young entity called ‘Malaysia’, I began to realize that this God-sent peace, harmony and prosperity are not our rights, but ours to strive for. Nothing is guaranteed for my children, my grandchildren, and the many generations beyond that. The onus is on me, in my own, small, individual way, to contribute to nation-building.

Today, on the morning of Malaysia’s 52nd year of merdeka, I watched the black & white recording of Almarhum’s Tunku Abdul Rahman’s proclamation of Merdeka. His seven shouts of “merdeka” followed by the band’s heart rendering ‘Negara Ku’ finale brought tears of happiness, joy and hope to many Malayans on that day….. and across time, on 31st August 2009, to one much “enlightened” mid-aged person in PJ.

Yes, we live and hope for another day. And to borrow babah’s sacred words, ‘berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan.’ ”

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